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Campus Security and Safety

Memo on Campus Security and Safety

TO: All Campus Personnel

FROM: Steve Mecham, Executive Director of Public Safety/Police Chief
SUBJECT: Campus Security and Safety

The current state of events in the United States and around the world have changed our lives and the way we do business. No longer can we assume that terrorism and the safety of our homes, community and businesses is someone else's concern.

It is important that all citizens of our campus community be involved in the safety effort. Following are some suggestions that will assist in keeping our homes, families and campus community safe.

Promptly report criminal or suspicious activity

Be aware of individuals who are often in the area but do not appear to attend class.

Keep a watchful eye on labs, storage and equipment areas. Report any suspicious person in these areas.

Keep sensitive areas locked at all times.

Report individuals who appear to be overdressed for the current weather conditions.

Report apparently abandoned or suspicious vehicles in parking lots. Note the license plate number of suspicious vehicles.

Report unauthorized persons loitering around infrastructure and persons taking photographs of sensitive areas or active security measures employed at a site.

Immediately report employees or public officials who appear to be under the control of other persons (kidnapping in progress).

Report persons without authorized credentials who ask detailed questions about a critical facility or the security at that site. This includes individuals who claim to be students obtaining information for a report.

If you see something dangerous or if you become suspicious of possible illegal or terrorist-related activity, call 911 for immediate response.


To make a report or for more information please call the USU Police Department at (435) 797-1939. For emergencies anywhere dial 911. You may also call the Utah Division of Emergency Services and Homeland Security at 1-866-4secure, (toll free, (866) 473-2873).