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Crime Prevention Tips

Identify your belongings - Use a permanent marker or an engraver and write your name on your belongings. Write down the serial numbers and model numbers of valuable items such as bicycles, computers, MP3 players, video game units, CDs, DVDs, etc. Take digital photos of valuable items; if stolen, photos can be used to help identify them.

Lock your belongings - Even if you are going to be away only a few seconds, close and lock your apartment, car, or office doors and windows to keep thieves and strangers out. Open windows and doors are easy access points to your personal and university property. Lock up your bicycle in a bicycle rack. Don't leave your book bag, laptop, or other valuable items unattended in any location on campus. The vast majority of items stolen on this campus are left unattended and unsecured.

Identify and report strangers - Ask a stranger if s/he is lost or needs help in locating someone or a particular office. Most criminals don't want to be identified. Contact the police and give a description of the person and his/her location and have the police make contact if you feel unsafe in contacting him/her.

Personal Safety Escort - This service is available for those who feel unsafe as they leave or enter a building, their car, or apartment. This service is available 24 hours a day for any person on campus. It is mainly a walking escort and is not available off campus property.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Sergeant Travis Dunn, 435-797-1939.