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Sexual Assault

What Happens When You Call
If you have been sexually assaulted, it is not your fault. When you call USU Police we will immediately ensure your safety. Our officers are trained in trauma-informed investigation, and we encourage you to reach out to a friend or sexual assault advocate to support you during the process. As part of Utah State University, we forward all reports of sexual assault to the university’s Title IX office. We encourage you to contact Title IX to access academic accommodations and support services, file a report, or even just learn about how they can help with support services and academic accommodations.

     Title IX
     Old Main Rm. 161


Under USU policy, if you seek medical attention for yourself or another person or report and incident of sexual misconduct to USU Police or the Title IX office, you will not be subject to disciplinary action for a separate university policy violation, such as underage drinking. Although USU Police follows this amnesty practice, we cannot grant amnesty for criminal, civil or legal consequences of violating federal, state or local law.

Read the full amnesty policy in USU’s Student Code, article II, section II-4.

Find an Advocate

Advocates can help you navigate the investigative process, support you during interviews, and accompany you during a sexual assault forensic exam (if needed). Advocates are available on campus through the Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information office or off campus through CAPSA. Advocates can also connect you with other resources to help you heal and recover from your experience.

     Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information office
     Crisis line (forwards to CAPSA after work hours)

     24-hour crisis line

Sexual Assault Forensic Exam

A sexual assault forensic exam can preserve possible DNA evidence and make sure you receive important medical attention. Cache Valley Hospital is trained and equipped to collect evidence and provide an exam after a rape has occurred. Other local clinics and hospitals will refer you to this hospital after a sexual assault has occurred. Whether or not you contact the police, we encourage you to get a forensic exam within the first 72 hours. For assistance in getting this exam, call a sexual assault advocate (above).

     Cache Valley Hospital
     2380 North 400 East, North Logan

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Classes

This 1-credit, women-only course is offered as PE 1407 each semester, taught by R.A.D. certified USU Police officers. The objective of the R.A.D. program is to train women in self-defense with simple-to-learn techniques that women of all ages and abilities can master. A shortened version of the class can also be requested by a campus club or organization.

Campus Crime and Safety

Click on the Campus Crime and Safety Reports and Sex Offender Registry link for more information.