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Campus Alerts

Code Blue Alert System

USU issues campus alerts when there is a significant emergency, an ongoing threat of certain crimes on campus, or a safety concern from weather or off-campus incidents. Alerts are sent through USU's Code Blue Alert System, and all members of the campus community should keep their notification settings in Code Blue updated.

In an ongoing emergency situation, will include new alerts and information at the top. To ensure you receive all notifications, sign up for both email and text alerts.

If You Are a student, staff or faculty:

  1. Sign in to USU MyID with your A-number and strong password.
  2. Approve Duo Push sign in (if required).
  3. Click on "CODEBLUE Numbers" on the left-hand menu. 
  4. Add or edit numbers you would like to receive a text alert during emergencies.
  5. Click "Email Addresses" on the left-hand menu. 
  6. Make sure your preferred email address is correct.

Download the Utah State Safe App for Logan

Utah State Safe is the official safety app for the USU Logan campus. The app features emergency contacts, crisis alerts, friend walk, in-app tip reporting, and information about campus resources for students in crisis. USU also sends Code Blue alerts through app push notifications. If you are in an area with inconsistent cellular service on the Logan campus, you will still get push notifications if you have Wi-Fi.

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Non-Emergency: Dial (435) 797-1939

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