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USU Code Blue Information and Sign Up

In the Event of an Emergency

The campus community will be notified through a variety of mechanisms including email, voicemail, SMS, digital signage, the University emergency homepage at and through USU’s social media platforms.

The above webpage will broadcast all alerts and the University’s response. In an ongoing emergency situation, this page will include new alerts and information at the top. Emergency alerts will also be sent out through USU’s CODE BLUE Alert Messaging system. To ensure you receive all notifications, here are the instructions to sign up for CODE BLUE.

Timely warning notices are also sent to alert students, staff and faculty about certain kinds of crime and how to take precautions.

Sign Up For Code Blue

  1. Code Blue Alert Messaging Sign Up
  2. Login with A# and password
  3. Approve Duo Push sign in (if required)
  4. On the Personal Information site, scroll down to the Phone Number box
  5. Click on the Add New icon
  6. Click on the down arrow on Phone Type
  7. For text alerts, click on Alert SMS (text) Code Blue, enter the number and then click on Add. You can add up to 5 text numbers
  8. For voice alerts, click on Alert Phone (voice) Code Blue, enter the number and then click on Add. You can add up to 5 phone numbers
  9. Once completed, click on the face icon at the upper right to sign out

Printable Code Blue Flyer


Non-Emergency: Dial (435) 797-1939
Report a Crime Online


USU Code BlueThe USU Code Blue Alert System allows you to receive information about emergency situations on campus.

Recreation Safety Information

DPS Reports

Records Request Form

Code Blue Alert Messaging Sign Up