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Our Commitment When You Report

USU Police realize reporting a sexual assault can be difficult. Know, we will treat you with sensitivity and respect.

We are committed to:

1. Approaching your case with objectivity, avoiding victim-blaming, and checking our own biases while investigating your case.

2. Meeting with you privately. You are welcome to have a victim advocate present for emotional support.

3. Respecting your decision whether to pursue an investigation and charges. Reporting does not commit you to a full investigation, and we respect your decisions if you change your mind.

4. Upholding state law concerning medical amnesty. We will not pursue alcohol or drug charges against survivors.

5. Helping you obtain medical treatment and a free sexual assault forensic exam.

6. Connecting you with victim advocacy support, confidential counseling, safety planning and other resources throughout the investigation.

7. Treating you with courtesy and professionalism.

8. Doing our best to accommodate your request to meet with a female or male officer.

9. Handling your case with discretion and not release your name to the public or media. Your parent or guardian will not be notified unless you are 17 or younger.

10. Conducting a thorough investigation regardless of your age, race, gender or sexual orientation or that of the suspect.

11. Keeping you updated throughout the process of the progress of any investigation or court proceedings.


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