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Police Services

Few things in life are offered without a charge. But when you are on the USU campus and have a small crisis, we may be able to help. The following services are offered 24 hours a day at no charge.

To order these services call USU Police at 797-1939.

Vehicle Jump-Starts

Car battery gone dead? Quite common on USU campus during the winter. An officer will respond to your on-campus location as soon as possible and jump-start your vehicle.

Vehicle Lock-Outs

Locked your keys in your car? No problem. If you are on campus or on a street adjacent to campus we can open most cars with our professional equipment.

Note: **IMPORTANT** We rarely damage a car while unlocking it. However, should we damage the car, Utah State University (including any of its departments) are not liable for any damages.

Personal Safety Escorts

USU is a safe and relatively crime free campus, but if you feel unsafe walking from one on-campus destination to another, contact us for a uniformed officer to escort you. This service is for anyone; you do not have to be a student or employee. Please allow for up to 30 minutes for an officer to arrive.

Building Let-Ins

Police officers will respond to open a location for which you are authorized. USU Police CANNOT give authorizations. You must be authroized by your department. A picture I.D. is required at the time of the let-in.